Top Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria

When you hear about private universities, the first thing that springs to mind is the astronomical tuition and other costs. This article detailed list of the Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria.

You may not know that some rivate universities are cheap when you take into account their standards and the various benefits they offer.

So let’s look at the benefits of attending one before we proceed to the list of the cheapest private universities in Nigeria.

Benefits of Atteding a Private University

No ASUU Strike:  Private universities in Nigeria are not affiliated with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) as they do not need the government finances to operate.

The Union’s only option for expressing its displeasure over the government’s repeated broken promises is to go on warning and indefinite strikes, which have continued to degrade the Nigerian educational system.

Private universities, on the other hand, have the advantage of typically not being impacted by ASUU strikes, allowing students to take advantage of a steady academic calendar.

Strict Control and Moral Principles: Consider attending a private university if you want a place where the quality and output are closely regulated.

The National Youth Service Corps’ Rapid Mobilization: Students from private institutions are frequently mobilized practically soon after graduation, in contrast to public university students, including state and federal students, who must wait many months before being mobilized for the NNYSC.

Certainty to Gain Admission: Most students will tell you that getting a very high enough score on the Jamb to get into their selected field of study is their greatest nightmare.

Some people who are really determined must take the exam three or more times before they are finally admitted. In contrast to public universities, most private universities have lower cut-off scores, and some do not even require their applicants to take the UTME.

After going over all of the benefits listed above, you might want to look into the most reasonably priced private university that best fits your goals and your budget.

List of Cheapest Private Universities in Nigeria

In addition to being economical, Wellspring University is also among the cheapest private universities in Nigeria. The college of natural and applied sciences, the college of social and management sciences, the college of health sciences, and the college of computing make up its four faculties in total. In the Edo State city of Benin, the university is situated.

Range of Range of Tuition Fee: N100,000- N200,000

The institution, which bears the name of the ancestor of the Yoruba people, prides itself on being among the top private universities in Nigeria. It contains roughly 5 colleges, each of which houses a variety of subjects.

These include engineering and technology, management and social sciences, environmental design and management, and natural and applied sciences.

Range of Range of Tuition Fee: N200,000 – N300,000

Obong University, which has four faculties including the natural and applied sciences, the arts and humanities, as well as social and management sciences, is situated in Akwa Ibom.

Range of Tuition Fee: N190,000

Adeleke University has roughly six faculties, including basic medical sciences, engineering, law, business and social sciences, natural and applied sciences, and arts, making it one of the most affordable private colleges in Nigeria despite its positive attributes.

Range of Tuition Fee: N350,000 and above

Known as the “state of harmony,” Kwara state is home to Al-Hikmah University. There are roughly seven faculties there, including those for the humanities and social sciences, health sciences, management sciences, education, natural and applied sciences, law, and agriculture.

Range of Tuition Fee: N350,000 and above

Rhema University

In the Imo state capital of Aba, is Rhema University. It primarily comprises of three colleges that study management, social sciences, fundamental and applied sciences, and medical and health sciences.

Range of Tuition Fee: #325,000 and above

One of Nigeria’s most reasonably priced private universities is Paul University. It comprises three main faculties, each of which include numerous departments. Art, law, the scientific and practical sciences, administration, and the social sciences are among these faculties.

Range of Tuition Fee: N300,000 and above

This university, which is situated in southeast Nigeria, began operations in 2005. It has four or five faculties, including those for engineering, management, environmental sciences, natural sciences, and social sciences.

Range of Tuition Fee: N298,000 – N450,000

In conclusion, if you want to skip the UTME struggle, graduate sooner, especially if age is no longer on your side, and become swiftly mobilized for the NYSC program, you might think about attending a private university.

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