How to Get Nursing Job in USA Without NCLEX

Are you looking to work as a nurse in the United States but do not have NCLEX? It is possible to find a nursing job in the USA without NCLEX; you just need to know what to do and how to proceed. What you must do is explained in detail in this article.

Our list is based on searches for jobs that accept nurses in USA without NCLEX for foreign nationals. Numerous employment is open to foreign nationals who are not required to pass the NCLEX exams or earn an NCLEX license.

We shall go into greater detail regarding other significant issues pertaining to obtaining nursing jobs in the US.

What is NCLEX?

The National Council Licensure Exam, often known as the NCLEX-RN, determines your qualification to work as an entry-level nurse in the United States. The exams employ more critical thinking and analysis than the typical license exam.

The NCLEX is one of the licenses needed for entry-level nursing. But now that we are updated, we can provide you with a list of employment opportunities in the US that don’t require you to pass the NCLEX.

United States Nursing Jobs without NCLEX

With the help of our research associates and industry experts, we were able to pinpoint certain websites and platforms where you can get a nursing job in the USA without taking the NCLEX.

Although NCLEX license is not always required, many of them will insist that you have specific nursing qualifications and academic credentials.

They’re a great place to start even though some of them might not pay as well as jobs requiring the NCLEX. especially while entering the country as a new foreign worker.

Partner in Nursing Care

The Children’s Hospital of the Kings and Daughters is in need of nurses. The nursing care partner will work closely with the resident nurse to deliver patients with high-quality care services.


  • Nurse certifications.
  • Outstanding understanding of the position.
  • There is no need for the NCLEX license.


Nursing Student Program

Students who desire to work as patient care technicians while they are still in school for nursing are eligible for employment. Numerous distinct clinical experiences will be presented to students.


  • A nursing student is required
  • The NCLEX is not necessary

Patient Care Technician Garnet Hospital is looking for a nurse with the technical abilities needed to work as a patient care technician at their hospital.


  • Long-term nursing work in the USA is comparable.
  • In the USA, one can work as a nurse without passing the NCLEX.
  • a certificate of completion for a course in life support.
  • Public Health Nurse

In order to help promote patient-friendly health outcomes, the Virginia Department of Health is now looking for a committed individual.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing.
  • The NCLEX must be taken no later than 90 days after beginning your work.
  • Long history of carrying out similar tasks.
  • websites that provide opportunities to work as a nurse in the USA without taking the NCLEX
  • In reality, it is now easier to find nursing jobs in the USA without taking the NCLEX.

To apply for one of the many nursing jobs in the USA that are open to non-US nationals, go to

Simplyhired: Visit simplyhired to apply for one of the many nursing positions available in the United States that don’t call for NCLEX certification. is renowned for the wealth of knowledge it provides for foreign nurses seeking employment in the US. You can apply for nursing employment in the United States without taking the NCLEX.

How to Work as a Nurse in the United States

Nursing is currently one of the most paid professions in the USA. Despite the fact that the work can be quite taxing, nurses are properly compensated by the government for their time and contributions to the nation.

If you’re an immigrant who is coming to the country for the first time and you’re thinking about becoming a nurse. You have access to some nursing jobs without the NCLEX as well as a few nursing schools with entry-level programs.

Nevertheless, with the help of our research associates and sector specialists, we have created a list of the best ways to obtain a nursing job in the US, whether you have passed the NCLEX or not.

Get the Necessary Education:

Like in many other countries, there are a few basic educational requirements you must meet before you may legally practice nursing in the United States. Licenses received outside of the United States are legitimate, but in order to utilize them, you must show that you possess the requisite expertise and knowledge.

You must hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing in addition to being a registered nurse. The United States does not accept the credentials of licensed vocational nurses (LVN) or licensed practical nurses (LPN).

Finish a foreign-trained nurse (FEN) course:

In addition to having an Associate Nursing Degree (AND) or in Nursing, many US states also require you to finish a program for Foreign Educated Nurses. This is to certify that you are capable of performing at the highest level necessary for that state.

There are 120 hours of in-class instruction and 120 hours of clinical practice in this course. What makes this qualification noteworthy is that it may allow you to work as a nurse in the USA without having to pass the NCLEX.

Pass the English Language Proficiency Test in Flying Colours

Similar to other foreign exams for studying in the US, one must take and pass the IELTS/TOEFL exam to determine how well one can communicate in the English language.

In actuality, it varies according to the country of origin. Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland are among the countries exempt from taking the TOEFL or IELTS.

Partake and Pass the NCLEX-RN Exam

Candidates must sit for and pass the NCLEX-RN exam in the United States after meeting all requirements. Registration for the exam costs $200 in addition to additional foreign expenditures in the country. NCLEX test preparation websites can be utilized to sign up for the exam in the US.

Obtain the CGFNS or have other reputable organizations evaluate your credentials.

The Commission on Graduates of International Nursing Schools (CGFNS), formed by the US government, assesses the readiness of foreign applicants who seek to take the NCLEX exam.

The commission’s main objectives are to protect Americans’ access to high-quality healthcare and to stop recruiting foreign nursing graduates who lack the necessary qualifications.

There are three main reports on credentials available.

  • Credentials Evaluation Service Professionals’ report
  • Evaluation of Visa Credentials for the CGFNs Certification Program.
  • Some nursing careers in the US that don’t require the NCLEX might not necessarily require you to bring your NCLEX license.

For the purposes of this article, we will go ahead and specifically identify the top three credentialing reports in CGFN.

Report on Credential Evaluation Services Professionals

Several states have accepted the report, which provides the state board of nursing with some statutory information.


  • Proficiency in English-written secondary school paperwork.
  • Certifications from your native country attest to your nursing training as well as supporting documentation.
    $350 fee
  • CGFN Certification Program

Similar to the certification that was previously mentioned. You must shell out $445 to sign up. As we previously said, the CGFN exam is used to evaluate a candidate’s suitability to deliver patient care in America.

More than 40 venues around the world host three administrations of the exam each year.

Visa Credentials Evaluation

The assessment of visa requirements using CGFN is quite comparable. At this time, the person is only eligible for a work visa if they pass the NCLEX.

The Visa Credentials Assessment costs $540 to enrol. There can be less expensive options for other credentialing services that are recognized by the US Board of Nursing.

You must still consult with the State Board before making that choice, though.

Find a nurse sponsorship or recruitment firm with a US presence.

  • Foreign nurses are always advised to register with recruiting agencies rather than communicating with hospitals directly by experts and top industry analysts. You will improve your chances by using the services of the companies.
  • They assist in ensuring that the candidate has the required documentation and that the Job is being prepared.
  • Obtain a work visa or a visa for nursing employment.
  • There are different types of visas, each with a particular set of qualities. Each of them possesses a special quality.
  • Regardless of whether you passed the NCLEX or not, you must obtain one of these Visas before you may work as a nurse in the USA.
  • Mexican and Canadian nurses need TN visas.
  • It seems weird to residents of Mexico and Canada. Nurses from Mexico and Canada may work in the US with a TN Visa.
  • You need to have a license from your home country and have passed the NCLEX exam before you may practice medicine in the United States.
  • HI-1B Temporary Work Visa

If you have a 4-year nursing degree, you are eligible to apply for a temporary HI-1B visa. You can continue to apply for a green card once you have your temporary visa and are within the United States.

Additionally, you should be aware that there aren’t many temporary work visas accessible for nurses who want to work in hospitals, especially those situated in underdeveloped countries.

Permit to Work Temporarily

This is the most popular choice and is aimed at those who wish to settle permanently in the US.

The application must be filled out and stamped in your home nation before you are authorized to live there permanently.

With a permanent work visa, it is often much easier to find a nursing career in America without taking the NCLEX.

As we previously mentioned, the ideal way to get your nurse job visa for the United States is to work with reputable agencies and recruiting firms.

Where in America Can a Registered Nurse Work?

It is suggested that nursing professionals conduct concentrated research, particularly if they are coming to the US for the first time.

If you don’t yet have your NCLEX, you may narrow your search to “nursing jobs in the US without NCLEX,” or if you’re an expert in cardiology nursing, you can limit it to “cardiology nursing jobs in the US.”

Your search should be focused and directed toward your area of interest or expertise. Visit to submit an application for one of the many vacancies available in the United States for foreign nurses.

Nursing Professionals Who Cannot Work in Nursing Positions in the United States

Our earlier discussions went into great detail on how to pass the NCLEX and how to work as a nurse in the United States. Not all nurses with international training, nevertheless, are permitted to work in the US.

The following individuals are not permitted to practice nursing in the US.

  • less than two years’ worth of experience nursing.
  • those who have a criminal history.
  • nursing professionals without a four-year degree.
  • non-sponsored nurses by a reputable nursing organization.


Not every state in the US follows the same regulatory standards when it comes to nurse occupations.

However, a visa is required for any nurses who intend to work in the US. On the other side, there are nurse professions that don’t require the NCLEX available at any clinic in the USA.

Make sure you at least have a strong background in nursing before applying.

When you’ve got a job and started working. Your nursing career in the USA won’t advance very far without passing the NCLEX, so you should put up the effort to register and pass it.

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