How to Calculate the Delsu Aggregate Score

How to Calculate the Delsu Aggregate Score

How to Calculate the Delsu Aggregate Score: This page provides instructions on how to quickly determine your Delsu admission score for the 2022–2023 academic year, which will determine whether you will be admitted or not.

The Delsu departmental cut off mark for 2022 was just released, which is crucial for you to use in figuring up your overall score.

This page was established primarily to answer questions from applicants seeking information on how to determine their Abraka (Delsu) aggregate or average score in order to be considered for admission to the university for the 2022–2023 academic year.

How to Calculate DELSU Aggregate Score

  • You must first divide your JAMB score by 8.
  • Additionally, divide your Post-UTME score by two.
  • Add the two results together together.
  • Your average score is that.

For instance:

  • You get 31.25 if you divide your JAMB score of 250 by 8.
  • If you split your Post-UTME score of 60 by 2, you will receive the number 30.
  • Once the two results are multiplied together, the average is 61.25 percent.


I hope the material in this article fully explains how to calculate the DELSU Post-UTME aggregate, the DELSU cut-off mark, the DELSU aggregate score, and the DELSU departmental cut-off mark for 2022–2023.


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