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How to Apply for Skyline University Nigeria Scholarship 2022

Skyline University Nigeria has taken the initiative to give 385 candidates in Nigeria sponsorship/scholarships totalling over N1.5b as part of its 5th year of academic success in the provision of quality education.

For the academic year 2022-2023, the project will give 25 candidates in the B.NSc. Nursing programs and 20 candidates in each of the other 18 programs have more power.

Opportunities for full scholarships are available at Skyline University Nigeria and are available from Wednesday, August 24, through Monday, September 12, 2022.

For the whole four to five years of your university experience, the scholarship pays 100% of your tuition costs.

You or your guardian will be responsible for paying all of your living expenses. Full scholarships, however, are competitive and only available to students BNSc nursing,

Those not qualified should still apply for other scholarships and fee waivers offered by the university.

Conditions for Scholarships

The procedures to enrol in the Skyline University Nigeria scholarship program are as follows;

  • Obtain Admission and Submit an Application
  • Prepare in Advance & Write the Examination
  • Obtain Notification of Application Success
  • Payment
  • Visit the Finance/Bursary Department for Validation.
  • Proceed to the Admin Department to acquire your Student’s ID
  • Obtain Admission and Submit an Application

Although it may seem relatively simple, you don’t want to accidentally forget to submit a required document or piece of information, which could ruin your chances of receiving the scholarship.

  • Make sure you properly read the application advice.
  • Candidates that are competent and interested must;
  • Have an age range of 16 to 25.
  • Meet the required SSCE and JAMB grades and scores for admission to the university.

Before September 12th, 2022, submit an application for your desired program via the online registration system offered by Skyline University Nigeria at

  • Cover the application fees.
  • Obtain the necessary rating on the scholarship examination.
  • Describe in 500 words why you think the applicant should be given the scholarship.
  • Prepare beforehand and take the test.

If you know, you’ll require a full scholarship to enrol at Skyline University Nigeria, It’s critical to get started on planning as early as possible.

Given that you will have to take the entrance exam, this is particularly crucial. However, other grants and waivers of fees will be determined more by financial need than by academic performance. The extraordinary candidates who pass the test will only be given a 100% scholarship for the nursing program.

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Obtain Notification of Application Success

After taking the exams, candidates will receive a follow-up mail or phone call confirming their application and, if successful, outlining the list of subsequent procedures. Those applicants who are not qualified should still apply for other scholarships and fee waivers offered by the university.

Make Payment

Once the admission letter and notice of admission have been mailed and received, you have two options: you can use your debit card to visit the SUN campus and speak with an admissions representative in person, or you can make an online transfer to the account number indicated on the letter.

When tuition payments are made, you will receive a second email or phone call as a reminder.

Visit the Finance/Bursary Department for Validation: Candidates should visit the university’s bursary to authenticate the payment after receiving confirmation of tuition payment. In this case, a new receipt is given in exchange for the old one.

Take your payment receipt to the issuing admissions officer for more information once your payment has been verified.

Proceed to the Admin Department to collect your Student’s ID
Congratulations! You are officially a bona fide student of Skyline University Nigeria. If you have further questions, contact us @ or call +2348181111113

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