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Best Side Hustle Jobs for Students

When it comes to helping to pay your tuition and other fees, having some extra cash while you’re in school might make things a lot simpler. This article detailed some of the best side jobs for students.

There are several part-time or even full-time side jobs you can do on your own time that won’t at all interfere with your education, contrary to what you might believe. These jobs can help you supplement your income without forcing you to work outside of school.

In fact, you might discover that you are learning more than ever about your major and have more time than ever to spend with friends. The top part-time jobs in Nigeria for students are listed below.

Tutoring/ Teaching

You can make a successful living by educating people about things they don’t know.

It can be one of your classmates or a junior on campus. In actuality, it can be children from nearby secondary or elementary schools.

That parents require in-home tutoring for their children may surprise you.

As a result, you can start a freelance tutoring business if you are skilled in teaching arithmetic, English, and the sciences. Parents are willing to pay a respectable sum of money as long as you can improve the academic performance of their kids.

You might even choose to instruct UTME candidates who are applying to tertiary colleges.

You might make up to N50,000 or more each month if you put in the effort and discover the proper market.


You can decide to pursue photography business as a student. You won’t be the first, and you won’t be the last either.

You’re fine to go if you have a camera that you can use and are skilled at taking beautiful images. In order to offer clients professional services, you may also learn photography.

People want to capture special moments on camera, create portraits, and do other things like that.

Freelance Writing and Copywriting

You can start a freelance writing career if you enjoy writing and are confident in your abilities. You can produce content for blogs.

Website owners and business owners require copywriters who can create both business and advertising copy. You might also write for writers as a ghost.

If your writing isn’t bad, go ahead and improve it by taking advice from top authors and using it.

Fortunately, there are countless blogs out there that instruct readers on how to become effective copywriters and freelance writers.

Believe me when I say that this ruse will pay off. Many Nigerian students make up to N100,000 per year. You can, too! – I’m a proficient writer.

Fortunately, you can find work on several regional and global freelance websites.


Another profitable side business for students in Nigeria is this. You can blog wherever you are, whenever you want.

Even though blogging is not a quick way to make money, it can eventually provide a substantial passive income stream.

Choose a strong niche, start your blog, flood it with informative content, optimize it for search engines, and make money from it.

It can be quite profitable for you to give knowledge that people find to be extremely beneficial and can’t stop devouring.

Students in Nigeria have developed a large number of blogs. In addition to generating revenue, these blogs benefit their viewers.

Editing and Proofreading Services

Blog entries, articles, eBooks, scripts, stories, project documents, etc. are all produced by a large number of people. However, in order to enhance these contents,  editors and proofreaders are required.

Editing and proofreading wouldn’t be a bad option if you speak English well and are proficient with programs like Grammarly and MS Word.

Correcting topographies, punctuation, grammar, and spelling are all part of the proofreading process.

On the other hand, editing focuses on raising a document’s level of quality and interest. Style, structure, clarity, and references are all included in this.

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Phones and Computers Repair

Nearly every student on campus has a PC, and every student has at least one phone. Not just students, but also professors, non-academic employees, neighbors, and so forth.

If the owners care so much, these devices will also become sick and have accidents like people do, and they will need doctors to save their lives. You’d be shocked at how many students would come to your house looking for assistance to save the lives of their beloved technology. More patients mean more revenue.

You must now acquire the talent if you wish to work in this industry. say, three to six months of training. Do not simply go about claiming to be able to fix phones and computers! I beseech you, learn the skill first.

Social Media Management

It’s scary how quickly smartphone users are becoming social media addicts!

I suppose you are one of them.

In any case, the data you generate each month through consumption and social media sharing can help you earn a respectable living.

Study social media marketing and management, then offer your services to business owners and celebrities who have no idea how to promote or run their social media accounts.

They’ll pay you generously as long as they realize social media can be a treasure trove for their enterprises. You can only get a minimum monthly payment of N20,000 from one client. And nobody suggested that you end at one.

Graphics Designing

If there are any graphic designers reading this, please excuse me. But I have to reveal what you guys are hiding to my people.

A single flyer costs a minimum of N3,000 to design. Exactly the same cost if you create a business card. One logo design can cost up to N10,000 or more (depending on the client and your abilities)! Cartoon, caricature, cover designs, and many more are all created by graphic designers.

Website Designing

Forget! In truth, keep in mind! Web design is a hugely successful industry. Due to businesses’ growing awareness of the value of creating an online presence, it is now receiving greater attention in Nigeria.

A wonderful technological skill you may use as a side gig and eventually transition into a full-time profession is website design.

You may make a very good living developing websites for other people if you identify a market for your services and sell yourself well.

You can earn up to N300,000 each month. But you need to get this ability. Website design is not a side business you can start tomorrow morning without any prior experience.

Data Analysis

We live in a data-driven world. There are several businesses and organizations that are in need of professional data handlers.

Talk about data entry, data scraping, data mining, data manipulation, and other data-related topics. Data analysis can be a profitable side business for a student because of the need.

Nowadays, data analysis is thought to be the sexiest profession. So you can enjoy data analysis and earn money at the same time if you have a knack for numbers or study statistics and mathematics.

On freelance websites, you can search for businesses in need of these skills or advertise your services.

Catering Services

Depending on your choice, the catering may be provided indoors, outside, or both. You might start by telling everyone around you that you are in the food services company or you could approach them to work as a casual employee whenever you have time, especially on weekends.

Cooking may not always be your job. It could involve table arranging, purchasing catering supplies, or serving at events. However, if you are talented at cooking, you can actually make money from it.

Fashion Design

Good for you if you can sew! If not, you can still learn.

As a student in Nigeria, tailoring might help you supplement your income. Sew clothing that is so amazing that people stop you to ask who made it or where you bought it. Tada! That is your opportunity to advertise your side business.

In fact, if you brand and package your company well, people may rate you as a 5-star fashion designer.

Makeup Artist

Believe me. Beauty in this world is no longer subjective, particularly in Nigeria. The freaking thing is now in the hands of makeup artists.

Seriously, I have no idea how they manage to transform a demon into an angel. A man can be chasing after something that isn’t actually there if he isn’t watchful.

They make a very excellent living, though, by hiding people’s facial imperfections.

You might want to think about this hustle since you are a student, specifically a female student.

Make and Sell Products

You can learn how to produce a variety of goods and then sell them. It might be lotion for the body, dish soap, hand soap, beads, snacks, sandals, handbags, or school bags, among other things.

Learn how to make any of these items, or anything else I may have forgotten, then produce and market them to the general public.

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