Academy Success Tips for Students

Academic Success Tips for Students in Nigeria

Studying in Nigeria is tasking considering the poor learning condition and the fact that students are often under a lot of pressure to succeed academically. However, it is worthy to note that despite the barrier to smooth learning in the country, a lot of people have succeeded academically and you can also succeed if you are determined, these academic success tips for students in Nigeria can serve as a good guide.

Academic Success Tips for Students Discussed

As mentioned earlier, students in Nigeria are often subjected to a lot pressure, whether it is to keep up with their demanding work load at school or to earn good grades, there are often hurdles to be overcome in the journey to success for students. In this article, I have compiled great academic success tips that will help you not only stay organized but also make sure you do not fall behind in your studies and still have time to relax and have fun.

Prepare a Healthy Study Routine

This is very important academic success tips for students especially in Africa because you have to take care of the house chores as well as your education in a typical African home. To be successful in your academic pursuit, get a daily routine that works for you and your lifestyle and keep yourself accountable.

You will find it easier to prioritize your studies if you make studying a natural part of your day instead of thinking about how much homework is waiting for you. A healthy routine means sticking to a schedule, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, setting aside time each day to socialize with friends and taking time out each week to relax. With some forward-thinking scheduling, academic success will become natural.

If you are still in the secondary school, you may feel like there’s not enough time in your day to get everything done. Between going to class, dealing with house chores, maintaining a social life and sleeping, it can be hard to find time for studying. However, with a little forward-thinking scheduling and prioritizing of tasks, getting all your homework done doesn’t have to take up all your time.

Maintain a Reasonable Resting Hour

Studying to pursue academic excellence is a lot easier if you are in a good physical shape, you need to take care of your body and be sound in health if you want to be successful academically. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, studies show that lack of sleep can negatively impact your attention span and ability to learn new information. Set aside time every day for exercise; even just a few minutes of activity can make all the difference in how much you retain from lectures. This particular academic success tips for students is vital as the brain needs rest to function well.

Exercise Regularly

If you want to feel more alert and productive during your classes, make sure you get regular exercise. A simple jogging and light exercise in weekends can make you more focused and clear-headed, helping you take advantage of your time in class. Plus, physical activity helps burn off stress which can be a real problem when it comes to staying on top of your schoolwork.

Ensure You Eat Well

Your brain needs food to operate at its best. To optimize learning, study regularly and eat nutrient-rich meals, preferably including a balance of protein and complex carbohydrates with your veggie servings. Eating well also means drinking lots of water; studies show that about half of what we learn is retained in our long-term memory within 24 hours after reading or listening to something new, and one way we retain information is by keeping our brains hydrated.

Feeding well is an important aspect and one of the most vital academic success tips for students. You would have come across some cases of under performing students because they are being maltreated and not well fed at home. In most cases, such students do not stay with their biological parents and they are being maltreated by their custodians.

Be Well Organized

Good organization of your school stuffs and to follow a tidy routine is very important if you want to succeed academically. Studies show that students who stay organized and know their schedules tend to perform better in their classes. It does not matter if you are brilliant, if you lack organization, you will become absent-mindedness.

To combat this, jot down important deadlines and assignments on a calendar, either digital or paper. This way you will know when tests are coming up or if you have assignments due on a certain day. Setting alarms for due dates is also another easy way to help ensure that work gets done on time!

Be Confident While Learning

Intimidation by school teachers is one of the factors causing student’s failure in Africa. This is particularly common in Nigeria where student lose interest in a subject due to teacher’s bad attitude towards students. Do not let teacher’s attitude cause your failure. There is a difference in teacher’s mannerism and teaching, you have to be confident while learning, you are not really interested in the teacher’s attitude but the subject he teaches.

Some teachers are harsh towards students but still find a way to convey the message of the teaching to his/her students. The message is what you are in school to grasp. Do not be let off by teacher’s intimidation.

Study Smartly

During exams, it can be tempting to stay up all night studyin in a bid to do well, this act could be exhausting, leaving you in a bad shape in the examination hall. It is important to study smartly, in order to learn efficiently, you need periods of intense focus that are interspersed with rest periods. Without sleep, your brain will be sluggish during those intense periods, which can hinder your ability to remember what you studied and understand concepts. Studies show a strong correlation between fatigue and poor memory.

Instead of staying up all night to study, try studying in blocks of two or three hours. Give yourself at least a 30-minute break after each block so you can clear your mind and process what you have learnt before starting another study session. Taking frequent breaks will also keep you motivated and engaged throughout your study session.

Study with Your Classmates

Studying with your classmates is a great way to help reinforce what you’re learning in class. Not only will you feel accountable to your peers, but it also helps build social relationships that can serve as valuable networking contacts down the road. If there isn’t an official study group taking place in your class, try planning one yourself.

It’s also worth mentioning that studying with classmates allows you to socialize with others, which can reduce stress levels and help you feel like you’re a part of something outside of your own academic pursuits. Try meeting in a library or coffee shop instead of your dorm room or house so that it feels more like a group study than a party.

Don’t Procrastinate

It’s easy to put off studying. But remember that procrastination is a bad attitude, it acts as a gateway to stress and will make you feel like you’re working harder than you need to in order to complete your schoolwork. So don’t just know what you have to do, make sure you plan out how long it will take to get everything done and set aside enough time each day so that stress doesn’t build up throughout any given week. This as an academic success tips for students must be treated with caution as procrastination is a sure enemy of success.


The academic journey of a student is long and can be difficult especially in a place like Nigeria. Serious students will always strive for academic excellence. However, the poor condition of learning in this part of the world could prove to be a barrier, these academic success tips for students will serve as a great guide.

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